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In Indian mythology flying chariot denotes the concept of aviation activities during that time. Flying birds originated the curiosity among humans to fly in the sky and that desire gave birth to aviation. First flight took place in India in 1911. From then the progress of the aviation industry has been continuing. The attraction towards the aviation industry among the
passionate students is captivating. The aviation job makes allure among the candidates, who have a dream to fly in the sky. Soaring above the clouds is a fascinating job and many students plan to embrace aviation as their career. Flying across the sky creates thrill and wonder, so to fill these enjoyment this career is the perfect one. Here we will discuss the
fascinating world of aviation studies and the guidance to reach the goal. After passing the 12th class a student can undertake various aviation courses in top aviation management colleges

Make your plan from school level

To materialise the dream of becoming an aviator a student should prepare himself from high school level. To proceed towards the goal the course of study is to be chosen accordingly. After passing the 12th class a student can pursue an aviation diploma course. There are plenty of scopes for jobs in this field so one may select the department for which to carry on his training

Aviation Courses: Paving the Way to Your Dreams

Aviation industry in India is expanding very rapidly creating the opportunities for being a part of it. It is the entry point of the high flying profession. There is an abundance of professional scopes to become cabin crew to pilot and ground staff to manager. The world of aviation is full of excitement and enjoyment, decide how it can be explored as your career path. After passing the 12th class or graduation examination the passionate candidates should think of the aviation courses for their career journey.

Aviation Courses After 12th Class: Navigating Your Options

Course for pilot- Most exciting and challenging job is to become a pilot. Many courses are taught by different aviation colleges for being a pilot i.e. Commercial Pilot License, Private Pilot License courses. First enquire about the prerequisites, process of training and possible career developments to go for the course to be studied.

Aeronautical engineering courses

This course is related to designing, making and maintaining aircrafts. This is a dignifying and demanding job in the world of aviation. Before going for an aeronautical engineer course explore the curriculum and colleges where the same has to be undertaken. The standard, past performance and placement rates of the institution to be assessed.

Cabin crew course

Cabin crew is another opportunity to fly high sky and to work there. It is an enjoyable profession to serve the passengers from different places of the world. Beforegetting admitted the structure of the training course and its effectiveness towards the skill and knowledge for becoming a cabin crew is to be considered

Aviation management

The occupation of manager in the aviation industry is challenging. The career is a combination of responsibility, duties with high pay. Various managerial posts have been designated in the aviation industry such as airport manager, aviation manager, air traffic control manager , airlines manager and airport security manager. Explore the colleges
and courses suitable for becoming the manager in this industry.Some other training conducted for the aviation industry are Terminal operator, Airman, Freight coordinator, Aircraft maintenance technician, Air traffic controller etc.

Top Aviation Management Colleges in India

Indian Institute of Management (IIM)- They offer the most valuable management courses in India. Most modern and specialised aviation management courses are conducted by IIMs. Explore the management courses taught in IIMs to become a leader in the aviation industry. Indian Aviation Academy (IAA)- The institution educates its students in aviation management courses. It is an aviation academic centre, where extensive aviation management courses are taught. IAA is considered as a premier institution in India.

Amity University School of Aviation

One can think of this institution to build up his career in the aviation industry. Choose the preferred course from different aviation courses that are conducted at this institution. The college is well connected with the aviation industry, which
can make his career path easier

Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science (HITS)

It is a well known aviationmanagement college in India. HITS management programs in the aviation field are
appropriate to make a successful aviator.


Add Your Heading Text HereThe proper education and training is the gateway to be a successful aviator. The techniques, mechanism and operational features are changing from time to time in the world of aviation. Proper and practical curriculum and training is required for aspired students. After passing the 12th class, one can choose the aviation education to make his target as aviator successful. Flying in the highsky or to enjoy the play between the sun and the clouds creates a magnificent feeling in our mind. Only an aviator who flies can relish both this beauty and duty simultaneously. Choosing the best aviation college has to be done fast to pursue the desired course of aviation. In India there are some premier world class aviation colleges and those can make you the leader in the aviation industry. So, proceed to materialise your dream to unleash your wings and fly towards your journey to success as an aviator.