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What is a course in Cruise?

All facets of the aviation sector are covered in aviation courses, including airport management, ground staff, training for cabin crew, obtaining a pilot’s licence, and hospitality. The many demands of the aviation sector are considered in all aviation courses.

For people who are interested in this industry, there are courses and job profiles in aviation. You can choose from a wide variety of courses if you want to work in the aviation sector.

About Air Cruise Course

Working on a cruise ship job The cruise ship management industry offers a wide range of options for those with various hospitality backgrounds. Each cruise ship manager is vital to maintaining the highest level of customer service, whether they are cooking gourmet meals or finding a guest a new accommodation. While their duties might prevent them from taking in every South American vista or Caribbean breeze that the ship encounters, spending extended periods of time in a five-star hotel has its own unique benefits.

You have the chance to interact with individuals from all over the world by working aboard a cruise ship. It helps you establish a confident persona and gives you the opportunity to network internationally.

Typically, the cost of lodging and food falls under the employer's purview. It is simple to save money while leading a luxurious lifestyle. This is because cruise ship operations management jobs require you to spend at least six months of the year on board the ship.

This industry is advancing very quickly, making it a very attractive option for people seeking a fast track to success. A career in cruise ship management offers these advantages in addition to the chance to visit remote areas of the world and establish a prosperous future. Last but not least, one of the most rewarding things about the profession is the opportunity to travel for free.

Even though the hospitality and tourism sector is one of the fastest growing and most competitive in the world, there is still a shortage of qualified workers. The hospitality industry on cruise ships offers some of the most exciting occupations. You may launch your career with the Emporium cruise ship operation certificate program.

Why take the Emporium Cruise course?

The courses are created to give students the knowledge and abilities needed on cruise ships in the twenty-first century. Along with producing cruise line management professionals, Emporium has also given students the chance to study, complete internships, and work for prominent global cruise ship companies. Today, Emporium operates cutting-edge facilities on par with the highest quality cruise line education worldwide. Our faculty members have years of expertise in the field and participate in professional development programs to stay current.

The Emporium has consistently been rated as one of Kolkata's finest institutions for cruise line management. World-class infrastructure and a brand-new campus are located in a lush area of greater Kolkata. We offer a comprehensive learning and development environment. We take great satisfaction in being a school that puts students first.

This curriculum is created to give students the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in the hospitality and food and beverage operations of the cruise industry. It also provides a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of life and works on a cruise ship. The entire cruise business will be covered in class, including its history, participants, passengers, legal framework, and problems with professionalism, safety, and security.

Why take the position details

The operations of cruise ships offer a wide range of opportunities for people with different backgrounds in hospitality. Each cruise ship operations manager is essential to providing passengers with the highest level of service, from creating delectable meals to locating proper housing. Living in a setting analogous to a five-star hotel for extended periods of time has its advantages, even though their obligations can prohibit them from experiencing every Caribbean atmosphere or Atlantic landscape the ship passes through.

Today, the most popular career in aviation is that it has flexible educational requirements and offers rich prospects. The aviation business provides several work prospects, regardless of a candidate’s 10+2 certificate or degree in aviation, hospitality, cruise lines, tourism, or similar fields. Starting salaries in aviation typically range from INR 2 to INR 5 lakhs annually. The remuneration may increase to INR 15 to 35 lakhs annually after five or more years of experience.

In order to assist its students in landing their ideal jobs after completing its courses, Emporium has established a specialized Placement Assistance Cell (PAC). The group also organizes on-campus interviews where senior executives from all the largest domestic and foreign airlines, five-star hotels, cruise lines, and reputable Hospitality, Travel, and Customer Service organizations meet and interact with Emporium students. The organization has a successful track record in this area, placing its graduates in reputable Hospitality, Travel, and Customer Service companies worldwide. These include top domestic and international airlines, hotels, and cruise lines.

    • Course Duration: 12 months

    Training Methodology

    The 1 Year Certificate Course in Aviation and Hospitality Management is designed for trainees who want flying careers in Airlines & Hotel Industry This course will enhance your personality with essential learning needs based on Cabin Crew Requirements. Grooming & Deportment, Effective English Communication, Attitude Formulation, to become a True Professional.

    • Aviation Jobs Position
    • Front Office Associates
    • Food & Beverage (F&B)
    • Services Crew
    • Housekeeping attendants
    • Kitchen Stewards
    • Casino Crew
    • Pool Attendants
    • Eliglbility Criteria & Documents

    The Basic Eligibility For Pursuing This Course Is 10+2 Qualification From Any Recognised Educational Board.

    • 10 + 2 Admit Card & Mark sheet
    • Class 10 Admit card & Marksheet
    • Highest qualification documents (If Any )
    • Two passport size color photographs
    • Aadhar Card / Pan Card / Driving License / Passport ( Any one) as ID & address proof
    • Course Modules
    • Cruise line operations and management
    • Cruise line operations and management
    • Cost control of material management
    • Hygiene and sanitation
    • Corporate Skill
    • Spoken english
    • Grooming
    • Soft skill
    • Hospitality
    • Customer service skills
    • Industry Pay Package
    Domestic Job: Approx. Rs. 1.8 Lacs to Rs. 3.5 Lacs p.a. + Other Lucrative Benefits
    International Job : Approx. Rs. 6.5 Lacs to Rs. 8.5 Lacs p.a. + Other Lucrative Benefits


      After 12th grade, if you want to become an Air Hostess, you need a basic qualification from a recognized board to apply to the Aviation Emporium training institute.
      12th grader pass, first- or second-year graduate student, passed or appeared in the 12th grade (Students in their final year of high school may also apply. The diploma, however, won’t be given out until the 12th grade has successfully completed.)
      Proficiency in the English language
      The quality of being likable
      Individual interviews will be used as the basis for selection.

      The lowest age requirement to apply for the course is 18 years, while the maximum age requirement is 26 years. In order to become an air hostess, the aspirant must have completed their 10+2 schooling in any stream or have an undergraduate degree in aviation.
      The applicant must be at least five feet and two inches tall.
      The applicant must not be married at the time they enroll in the course.
      The applicant’s vision must be 6/6.
      The individual must possess a charming demeanor and be physically active.
      A preliminary screening will be conducted before a written test, a discussion in groups, and individual interviews. Candidates that are accepted undergo the requisite training in pertinent processes.

      You must have obtained a passing grade in class 12 in any stream to pursue a career as an air hostess. After passing the board exams, you can enroll in an Emporium Training Institute Certificate or Diploma level program in this area. You must be at least 18 years old and at least 5 feet 2 inches tall to be admitted to these courses. In addition, it’s critical that you have a current passport.

      Air hostesses have an interesting career path. The profession of an air hostess involves flying in airplanes and helping passengers during flight times. On international routes, shift lengths are longer. A minimum of 75 to 90 hours must be worked by an air hostess each month. She also puts in an additional 50 hours per week managing paperwork, plane mechanics, and planning.

      It is advised to pair a black or grey formal skirt with black stockings and a top-quality Georgette formal shirt that won’t wrinkle. Neutral-colored bags and shoes are required. Put on revealing or dark wedges or pumps. Avoid wearing heels with a heel higher than 2-3 inches. And you’re ready to use your personality to win over interviewers.

      We firmly believe that there are times when one wishes to change their career path after graduating or obtain an undergraduate degree before making that career leap! Rest confident that there are many chances for you to pursue a career as an air hostess after graduation.

      Age: 18 to 26 (at most 27) – domestic/international airlines – may vary.

      Length: 5’2″ (155 – 157 centimeters)

      Weight in Relation to Height

      Indian passport holder or eligible for one

      6/6 in both eyes for vision.

      Speaking fluently and clearly in English. Skin that is clear and free of any tattoos

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